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Focus Shanghai Tower - Fengshen air conditioning GroupCo., Ltd.

632 m, embodies numerous builders hard work, sweat, theyused blood, with perseverance, with insistence, with faith, to create a newheight of Shanghai! Shanghai Tower is located in the center of China'sfinancial center, there will be countless elite from around the world every daythe shuttle, which is not only the tallest building in China.Shanghai is thecitywe live together ,a resounding business card. So, how to protect it housingconstruction area of 55 million square meters of vertical city, green airecology? The answer is in today's hero ---- Fengshen Group.

In fact, as Shanghai Tower Group Fengshen such high-end projectsare not uncommon, from the main Olympic stadium, the Shanghai World Expo, fromurban rail transport to the airport terminal, from the National Theatre, theChina Central Television, a step Fengshen Group footprints, the industry hasbecome a rising star! so, in the face of fierce market competition at home andabroad, the Group Fengshen how to stand out, favored by the owner of it?

Fengshen Group chairman Lu Hui opinion, building high-endcustom service is the highlight ecological air Fengshen different from otherindustry where companies, excellent technical advantages make Aeolus stand atthe fair, just and open bidding project. She can become a leader in corecompetitiveness is not simply technical word, but: customized technology! Thisis an innovative and unique competitive service under the guidance!

Technology creates brand, Aeolus has air handling coreinternational patents; editor of industry standards, "the new round airconditioning units"; round products included in the national developmentand reform commission, "low-carbon technology innovation andindustrialization demonstration project" project, the demonstrationproject promote key sectors oflow carbon technology innovationandindustrialization, energy-saving emission reduction and climate change providesa strong technical support.

The creation of low-carbon eco environment - letair-conditioning wind --- "God" up! Operations Shanghai Tower for Fengshen,is a new starting point. Future Fengshen Group, will continue to strive forexcellence, innovation, along with China's urbanization ------ kamikaze to takeoff!

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