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Central air-conditioning began to return to nature ofthe product

After the hustle and bustle of the Internet, the development ofdomestic central air-conditioning into the new normal, including but notlimited to the overall market decline, polarization brand, corporate profitsthinning channels fierce, Loaning is serious and so on. However, one of themost prominent change is the central air-conditioning as a traditional manufacturingindustry, began to return to nature of the product, the real demand from themarket, technology, and consumers have heard for the party better systemsolutions.

April 2016 held in Beijing China Refrigeration Expo is also aperfect interpretation of this feature. Whether it is representative of theHVAC industry's highest level of technology centrifuges, or the northern Lowtemperature heating market concerns about, or the introduction of differentproducts, as well as for heating in rural northern coal to electricityintroduced products market segments, we have demonstrated centralair-conditioning business end of the market demand attention.

Once upon a time, companies large and comprehensive product line forthe division, all add up to thousands of product lines. However, the marketdemand for the product is limited, every business has its own characteristicsrepresentative of the main product, in other words, the presence of certainproduct lines will be sold or not sold very little. In 2015, after entering themarket to tighten the pressure so that some enterprises began to reflect, andto reduce the classification of the product line in favor of its own matureproduct sales to reduce administrative costs. This shift in 2015 to helpcompanies market decline in the harvest of success, which even some companiesto gain market by virtue of contrarian growth.

From the development of the central air-conditioning industry pointof view, energy efficiency, comfort, intelligence is still the three main developmentdirection of China in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning.

However, the implementation of all these directions, must be done bythe company's products. So we see, COP value or value IPLV host centralair-conditioning enterprise product record highs, companies in a host ofproducts to add more elements to create a comfortable environment, controlsystems, and the integration with the Internet allows us to be more convenientand rational use of central air conditioning. The so-called flow, generally itshould be.

Return to nature of the product means that companies in variousparts of the product for the perfect fusion. For more product perfect match, toplay the best performance of the product, the host companies have the idea of playingthe compressor. Among them, Gree, Midea and other domestic brands the mostsignificant. In 2016 China Refrigeration Expo, Gree, Midea and other brands arethe compressor products opened up a separate booth and promise in the future ofits own central air conditioner compressor product ratio will be increased yearby year until it is replaced. In fact, in the actual bidding processengineering project, whether to use its own brand compressor sometimes it is akey factor in the brand's ability to bid decision.

Thus, the return to nature of the product, all to the marketdemand-oriented, faster and better around how to provide good products to theowner and the consumer, this will be the future of the measure of all thestarting point and destination. Such a reference is not arbitrary, I believethat each of the 2015 market spoils companies will naturally take the hint.

We are always keen to study a variety of strategies, avariety of management tools, but in fact, whether it is strategic or specific management,not complex. Any one of our work, whether if be able to help to improve productstrength, whether the products help to enhance and improve the experience, thenthe final harvest will inevitably be the result we want. (Yang Fan)

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