Shanghai Tower

   High-rise building

   ShanghaiTower is located in the core area of Lujiazui Z3 block, covering over 30,000square meters. The total height of 632 meters, the structure height of 580meters by 121 on the ground floor in the main building, 5th floor podium and 5basement, with a total construction area of 576,000 square meters, will becomethe tallest skyscraper in Shanghai. November 29, 2008 were started in the mainbuilding of the pile, August 3, 2013 580 meters of the main structure cappedplan completed and delivered in 2014. Shanghai Tower is at the same time Chinawon the "Green Samsung" logo design certification and LEED Goldpre-certified high-rise buildings.

   Shanghai Tower: It has a floorspace of 550 000 square meters, usingFengshen ultra-low noise air ecologicalenvironment control system.It’s the firstcase in domestic of air conditioning system which have no muffler pipes whilethe indoor environment can achieve NC40 noise.Besides the stacked ultra-quietair handling units can ensure thermalperformance, it also can greatly reducethe secondary air flow noise.

   Fengshen offers ultra-quiet airconditioning units and air conditioning units for energy recovery ShanghaiTower professional.


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