National Theatre

       National Grand Theater is on the center ofthe West of Beijing's Tiananmen Square, the west side of Great Hall, south ofWest Chang'an Avenue, with a total area of 118,900 square meters, with a totalconstruction area of about 165,000 square meters, of which the main building of105,000 square meters, underground ancillary facilities 60,000 square meters,is Asia's largest theater complex.

   NCPAexternal steel casing for semi-ellipsoidal, things 212.20 meters long axis,short axis 143.64 meters north-south, 46.285 meters high, the deepestfoundation -32.5 meters. The whole shell style minimalist atmosphere, itssurface by more than 18,000 blocks of titanium plates and more than 1,200ultra-white block composed of transparent glass, two materials by cleverstitching showing beautiful curves, creating a stage curtain slowly openedvisual effects. When night fell, through the gradual opening of the"curtain", the magnificent panoramic view of the Opera House.Scattered on the surface of the housing, the patchwork of "mushroomlights," as confusing little stars, and distant echoes in the night sky,making theater full of subtle and chic charm and beauty.

   Fengshen offer products using multiplefilters, seat bottom return air supply system, octave noise reductiontechnology, in line with the Grand Theatre on air quality, vocal environment,air, energy, and other special requirements of indicators.


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